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My Intropia

First of all, tell us about your intropia: your professional or artistic project. Or if it´s a project as a gesture of solidarity. What is it about and at which stage of development are you?

I am a Dublin based artist specializing in photography and performance art.My work stems from an interest in the physical experience of being (body as a space, body as an action, body as an identity). I explore the human body/being in relation to the space that surrounds it and continuously think in terms of occupying space in different ways.My pieces are often based on a slow process of making (of becoming) realized though a poetic layered narrative, structured from elements of time, space, variability and play.

What did you dream about when you were young?
Which dreams became true and which ones didn´t?

I dreamed of being an artist, of making beautiful images that people admired.

And now, what do you think about life? If you were able to, which tip would you give to yourself as a fifteen-year-old?

Express yourself!!

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